Other Books By Dr. McDonald

It Smells Just Like Popcorn is the first book for grown folks by Dr. McDonald. The next release, which ironically has been in creation for much longer, is Angry Wife Happy Wife.

Angry Wife Happy Wife

This is a guide to staying happily married to the man you love, who also happens to get on your DAMN nerves (#loveyoubabe). If you sign up to follow Popcorn, you’ll know when Angry Wife Happy Wife is here. Even if you aren’t married, there are pearls there to help you navigate an array of relationship challenges.

The Powerful Nia Series

Dr. McDonald also has a children’s book series intended to help children grow in confidence and strength. The Powerful Nia series features Nia, a happy, friendly girl who knows who she is and loves herself. In My Body Is My Temple, Nia takes care of her body and her emotional well being. She is a good friend and hopes to find love one day, but knows that true love transcends superficial things. ┬áThe next Nia book, That’s My Business, takes us through a conversation with Nia and her little siblings where she teaches them how to keep themselves safe from bullies and sexual predators. Yes Please, No Thank You shows Nia taking her friends through politeness and etiquette training.

The Magical Head Wrap

Dr. McDonald loves headwraps and head scarves. She wrote The Magical Head Wrap to take her young readers on a journey through time to see where and how different head coverings were used in the most amazing places and times. This book is illustrated by Erin Mitchell, an amazing Chicago artist and teacher.

Knit, Crochet and Me

As if she needs something else to do, Dr McDonald is also an avid crochet and knitter. She learned to crochet as a child from her grandma, Willie Mae Goodall. She brings this creative and fulfilling craft to young hands. It is amazing how things that you make and wear can breed confidence and individuality. Knit, Crochet and Me teaches young people how to create awesome pieces alone, or with an adult. Creativity and confidence can easily go hand in crochet-hooked hand.

Knit Small Kids